Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – April 2017

This is my first Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Those of you who have seen last weeks blog Tulip Mania will realise that we have hundreds of tulips in bloom so I decided that there would not be a tulip in sight this week. So here goes:17_04_11_5281The side of our house is very shaded and we really focus on ferns, hostas and rodgersia. The snowdrops are long over but we have planted Erythronium Pagoda commonly known as dog’s tooth violet ‘Pagoda’ due to the shape of the tuber.17_04_10_5249At this time of year there are plenty of leaves as well as the delightful flowers. 17_04_10_5252Once the flowers are over the leaves decay very quickly.

Another interesting plant collection for this time of year are Epimediums.17_04_06_5231 This one is Epimedium Akebono. 17_04_10_5254Here they have been planted beneath a standard rose in a planter. Planting like this was a bit experimental last year but so far it is looking good.17_04_10_5255and the flowers are delightful.

17_03_29_5142Elsewhere we have Epimedium x versiclour Sulphureum planted around the base of a tree. This seems to work very well in an area which is often dry and shaded.17_03_29_5141Lastly we have 17_04_03_5195which is one of those plants that we were given without a name. On the RHS website there are 384 different varieties of Epimedium so there is plenty to consider.

17_04_07_5237In this circular bed we have created a ribbon of plants going through the middle. Over the spring these change from Iris Reticualata, to Anemone Blanda White Splendour, to Brunnera Mr. Morse now and in the future Tulip Hageri Splendens (sorry I used the tulip word but they are not out yet!) and then Anemone Wild Swan. 17_04_10_5260Brunnera Mr. Morse is a very nice Brunnera, similar to Brunnera Jack Frost but with dainty white flowers.


17_04_10_5257This time a shrub; Viburnum carlesii Diana .17_04_10_5258The scent from these flowers is outstanding.

17_04_10_5259Fruit trees are in blossom everywhere. This is a Morello Cherry which is considered the best sour cooking cherry for the UK.

and lots more spring delights.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is hosted on the 15th of each month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Visit her blog to see what is blooming in gardens around the world.

Gardening Hours
This week Total since June 19th Average per week
42 721 17

This was our busiest week since June. Luckily we had some fantastic weather with temperatures up to 25c. That’s summer not spring but I am not complaining. Most of the work has been weeding and tidying up the borders in readiness for summer.


53 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – April 2017

  1. What a beautiful view to wake up to. I shall pretend that is my garden for now 🙂 It’s interesting that Epimediums bloom. I volunteer in a garden not far from home where we have a bunch of these, but I don’t believe Ive ever seen them bloom? I love the shape of the leaves, I also like the idea of growing them in a planter too beneath your roses.

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  2. Epimediums and Erythroniums are beautiful at the moment. Yours have spread wonderfully, I must move my white, yellow and pink Erythroniums to the woodland where they should do much better. You have a beautiful garden.

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  3. Hi Steve, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, of course, I had to come over and take a look at your garden. And wow, what an amazing garden you have!
    White is my favorite color, so I really love that you have so white flowering shrubs, trees, and plants blooming in your garden. The white flowering Brunnera ‘Mr. Morse’ is new to me. So pretty!
    So cool that you list the gardening hours that you put into your garden! I always wonder about that when I see a garden, but have never come across someone who admits publicly how much time he/she spends in his/her garden. Kudos to you!
    My first visit has really sold me to your blog. I will follow you from now on!
    Happy Easter!

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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, and welcome to Bloom Day! It is always nice seeing new visitors and their gardens! You have so many lovely blooms and I love all the varieties of epimedium. You will enjoy Bloom Day as there are so many wonderful people and gardens from all around the world. I am a landscape designer, so I can relate to the amount of time you spend in your garden…the more the better!

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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will join in on GBBD in the coming months. Speaking of the tulip word, I noticed our first tulip flowers this afternoon, but, alas, I had already published my GBBD post. Your Morello cherries are gorgeous. We don’t have the room for one, but they are popular canned commercially where I live.

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  6. You have a lot of the same plants in bloom that I do. I have a small clump of that Pagoda Erythronium. The Epimedium in my Bloom Day post that you asked about is Epimedium x warleyense. It looks a lot like your unknown one. I love Epimediums too, I have several others for dry shade. Welcome to your first GBBD!

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  7. So many lovely things even without the tulips. I’m just adding to my wishlist though … Some interesting planting ideas too, the epimediums under the tree look great and the ribbon through the circular bed. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Erythronium naturalized in my former garden. Such a cheerful plant. A white Brunnera? I don’t believe I’ve seen one around here yet. Your garden is wonderful. I can’t wait to “look around”.

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  9. I’m taking mental notes as I read your blog: epimediums for dry shade. I’ll have to look into that further–I’ve been needing some new ideas for my shade bed. Lovely little glimpse of your garden!

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    • Thanks for your visit, Please come again. Epimediums are great plants for a range of situations. The only maintenance is to cut back the old leaves in Jan/Feb as the new leaves are part of their beauty.


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