Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2017

Just four week since the April Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and what a difference. Spring has gone and we are now into summer although the weather has yet to fully realise that!17_05_13_5700The first wave of aliums are looking splendid throughout the garden.17_05_14_571817_05_14_5724These have been in for many years and over time have multiplied to the extent we are having to reduce them despite their displays at this time of year.17_05_13_5696These are actually killing off the Euphorbia griffithii Dixter!17_05_10_5686nevertheless the alium flower is a thing of beauty.17_05_10_5687And whats left of the Euphorbia griffithii Dixter is too.

17_05_14_5713This is Rosa Madame Gregoire Staechlin and is normally the first rose to flower in our garden but not this year as Rosa Old Blush China started flowering on April 8th!


Rosa Madame Gregorie Staechlin


Rosa Madame Gregorie Staechlin

17_05_13_5710Another rose in flower is Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere.


Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere

17_05_13_5691Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere is on the end wall beneath our conservatory from where we can also see a fantastic display of wisteria.17_05_10_5667Wisteria seems to have been very successful all around the area we live in which must have been helped by the lack of hard frosts this year.17_05_14_5725The scent from these flowers permeates into the house and is a delight.17_05_10_566617_05_10_5665 Below the wisteria a  Choisya ternata  which is in also in flower.17_05_13_5695Actually this plant has been moving itself. Originally it was planted under the steps leading up to the conservatory. It obviously decided it needed more light and over time has moved!17_05_14_5714We have a number of hardy osteospermums in the garden. These have come through the winter well and are already putting on a good display.17_05_10_568017_05_14_5719However, we always have a backup by taking cutting and bringing them on in the greenhouse. 17_05_14_5716Cerinthe major Purpurascens is not really hardy for us although sometimes they self seed and come through the winter as this one has.17_05_14_5717but there are also replacements in the greenhouse should they not self seed.17_05_14_5721Clematis have started flowering. This is  Clematis Daniel Deronda,17_05_13_5701and this is Clematis Guernsey Cream.17_05_14_5723One of the first geraniums to flower is Geranium himalayense with a Potentilla Abbotswood in the background.

Potentilla Abbotswood and Potentilla notknown.

The pond Iris sibirica looking great in front of the yellow Philadelphus coronarius Aureus.

Another early geranium is Geranium renardii. This is quite an unusual geranium with interesting foliage as well as attractive flowers.17_05_10_5674Deutzia x rosea Carminea a relatively new addition to the garden.17_05_13_5702Global warming means this Euphorbia Mellifera is able to grow and do well now in our garden.17_05_13_5698One of the climbing roses Rosa Shot Silk has started to flower.17_05_14_5727This is a beautiful rose but does not repeat well.

And I have added all the photos below.  Click on any one to scroll through them all. It is also possible to see them full size by clicking on the full size button (bottom right).

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is hosted on the 15th of each month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Visit her blog to see what is blooming in gardens around the world.

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33 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2017

  1. Your garden is really beautiful. I remember seeing Wisteria on Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives but yours are just gorgeous blooms that trail over the bricks. A lovely sight for me on a Monday morning. Thanks for the cheer☺

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  2. Beautiful garden! My best friend and neighbor was in Winchester visiting family and commented how beautiful (even more than usual) the gardens were. Yours exemplifies beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Alliums are spectacular especially under the pleached trees. I’m very envious that they increase for you; here it is too dry for them and their numbers are depleted each year; although this year I have some wild Alliums growing where I sprinkled seed some years ago, it must have taken 4 years at least for them to grow from seed to a bulb producing a flower. My ‘Old Blush’ is always the first to flower, often in mid-March.

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  4. Wow Steve just love your garden and your pics! Those Alliums are wonderful and I am very envious of your roses and wondering why ours are not flowering yet – is it because I cut them back quite hard in winter? Cerinthe is one of my favourite plants and yours looks wonderful – I think it is hardy for us in Sussex or maybe it just self-seeds?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lee for visiting our garden. The Wisteria has been good this year. Actually it was one of the few plants here when we moved in so it is probably over 30 years old.


    • Thank you Phillip for visiting. Madame Alfred Carriere just needs pruning once a year although it does throw out a lot of vegetative shoots which also need controlling.


  5. Good afternoon Steve. I have been on your blog a couple of times but never expected the commentform on the top (older lady, sorry lol). What a fantastic garden you have, it looks like paradise.
    I am so greatfull to find your blog!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day.

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  6. Lovely! I am a big fan of wisteria and yours is wonderful. I also like the cerinthe and have been lucky enough to have some self sow the last couple years. I am hoping it continues to do so. Happy Bloom Day!

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  7. Wow! What a beautiful garden you have -it all looks so spectacular in bloom. I especially love your wisteria. How many years old is it? I have one at the very initial stages… Could it be say, ten years before it looks anything as beautiful as yours? Amazing!

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