Tulip Mania

News flash: The first swallows arrived on April 3rd

Tulip Mania

17_04_05_5209Tulips have really come out this week. For many years we have planted Tulip Red Impression all along the left hand border to our garden. It is hard to get the effect in one photograph but standing looking at the display with the sunlight shining across the flowers is just magical. Most of them come up each year but we look for any gaps and replenish them. Probably we plant around 100 extra Red impression each year plus many other tulips and bulbs. See blog with bulb list.17_04_03_5197Looking along the same border. There is a small cobble path running through this part of the border although it is covered in twigs from the tree above (another job waiting to be done).17_04_03_5192The same border with Anemone Blanda Atrocoerulea and Leucojum Aestivum 17_04_03_5193 Leucojum Aestivum which resembles a snowdrop but is much larger. Worth a space in any garden.17_04_03_5196Looking from the back of the same border.17_04_03_5188Another part of the same border.17_04_03_5183Tulip Turkestanica a species of tulip native to central Asia. It was first described by Eduard August von Regel in 1873 as a variety of T. sylvestris, then elevated to full species status two years later.17_04_03_5184Tulip Turkestanica on the edge of the “Dingly Dell” border which is actually at the back of the Japanese border.17_04_07_5240Another tulip species, Tulip Humilis17_04_06_5214Tulip Ballerina lining the path to the pergola with Tulip Apricot Impression in the background.


Tulip Ballerina

17_04_06_5212Close up of the lovely Tulip Ballerina 17_04_07_5242Sitting under the pergola looking towards the corner bed. Tulip Gavota in the foreground.


Tulip Gavota

17_04_07_5243From the pergola across the main lawn with Tulip Ballerina in the foreground.

17_04_06_5218Tulip Ad Rem at the back of the corner bed. When the sun comes out Tulip Ad Rem really fluoresces.


Tulip Ad Ram

17_04_03_5172Tulip Apricot Impression together with many alliums.


Tulip Apricot Impression


Tulip Apricot Impression

17_04_03_5181Tulip Purissima (white) and Tulip Beauty Queen (pink) both plant in 2007


Tulip Indian Summer and Tulip Annie Schilder


Tulip Annie Schilder with Tulip Indian Summer in the background

17_04_07_5236Tulip Indian Summer and it has a wonderful perfume a bit like wallflowers.17_04_07_5247A final view across to the border full of Tulip Red Impression with the evening shadows across the lawn.

News flash: First rose in bloom!

17_04_07_5244As I walked back to the house I noticed that Rosa Old Blush China had started flowering

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31 thoughts on “Tulip Mania

  1. Wow! Tulip heaven is a very apt description I think. Thanks so much for my sneak preview. And the tea and scones were so delicious. I went home smiling. See you on the 23rd. Hopefully. x

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    • Thanks Jen. Some have been in the ground for many years without lifting, If they do not survive I do not plant them again, New ones get planted in November/December.


  2. Lovely to see so many of my own favourites in your garden; they look so different against the green grass. The tulips that have been in the ground for some years are all flowering now too; those that had been chilled are virtually over. But it is lovely to extend the season.

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  4. Your garden looks immaculate. I’m sure you’ll tell me of 10 jobs you can’t find time to do but it looks fab from here. I had to come and see the tulips and they were worth the wait for it to load on this very slow computer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, it is far from immaculate but I am glad you were able to see the tulips. I do reduce the photograph sizes before I load them to wordpress so maybe you have a slow broadband.


  5. What a fabulous display of tulips! The large groupings really make them stand out. I have trouble doing this because I’m always planting around perennials planted too close together. You have a beautiful garden!


    • Well we have a similar problem but the tulips just have to do what they can. The tulips are almost over now although there will be a few for the end of the month edition.


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