Wild flower meadow project (June 2021)

At last the meadow is beginning to look like we imagined. As this series of blogs has already mentioned the first year was a disaster as “we had the wrong sort of grass”! So this is effectively the first year following seeding last September.

However, right now we are getting excited and spend hours in the meadow identifying what is coming out.

The yellow rattle is flowering and everywhere there are signs of perennials that have germinated. Few of the perennials are flowering yet with the exception of the Oxeye daisy but as there were annuals in the mix on our first attempt and also as we disturbed the soil when we rotavated prior to seeding a host of annuals have come through.

The following series of photographs were taken this morning. (click on any image to scroll through them)

I have also discovered that it is hard to really capture a wild flower meadow in photographs!

Even with a wild flower meadow weeding still needs to take place. There are some weeds you definitely do not want to go to seed!


9 thoughts on “Wild flower meadow project (June 2021)

    • A meadow without paths seems to me is wrong. You need the paths to really appreciate the wild flowers many of which are small. they also give a way for foxes etc to walk through!


  1. Beautiful how it’s grown in, I can’t wait to see it develop over the seasons and the years.
    Here the pile of weeds from the meadow is much higher! I think we live in a rougher neighborhood 😉

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