Glebe house was built in 1727 (The date can be seen on the wall adjacent to the front garden of the Rectory next door). It was originally the coach house and stables to Hoby Rectory. The previous owners converted it in the early 70’s and an extension was added in 1977 made from recovered bricks from part of the garden wall that had fallen down. A conservatory was added in 2006.

IMG_8263The garden wall is early 18th century and enclosed the Rectory kitchen gardens. It consists of a double wall with internal cavity. This method of construction allowed the wall to be heated to protect frost sensitive fruit trees that were grown against it. The site of the fireplace can still be seen round the back of the wall.

There is an old vine to the right of the pond next to the wall originally grew into a glass house which was located in the corner of the wall.

Other points of interest are the ha-ha designed to give uninterrupted views across the glebe land and the lake in the field beyond which was originally the fishponds for the Rectory.

The garden

We moved to Glebe House in October 1994 and we have been slowly developing the garden since then.

The garden is south-west facing which is great provided it is not too windy. The soil is mostly a sandy loam and since much of it has had over 300 years of cultivation it is very fertile. Overall there is about .75 acre of gardens and these are totally maintained by myself and Diane my wife.

We have tried to create different phases through the year; spring with snowdrops, aconites and anemone blanda; late spring with lots of tulips; summer with roses and herbaceous plants; and late summer with more herbaceous and dahlias.