End of the Month View – January 2017

The following view across the garden is often central to my End of the Month View. See AugustSeptember, and  October .


End of the Month View – October

Now it looks totally different as the winter tidy up takes place and old herbaceous material is removed and some plants completely removed where we have decided a change is due. 17_01_30_4712It  looks completely empty of plants but as my last blog said spring is on its way. You will just have to come back later in the year to see it transformed with tulips and alliums.

17_01_30_4713The rose on the wall has been rehung. Each year they always out grow their space and I find the best solution is often to more or less take them off the wires and try to hang them in a way that their new growth is horizontal. Not always possible!  At the same time and dead growth can be pruned out. If you look at the view in October  you can see the extent of the new growth that had to be tamed. We have also removed some Cephalaria Gigentea.

Cephalaria Gigentea is quite nice when it is flowering but this happens early in the summer and then the plant looks a mess and it seeds everywhere. I will be honest we are still thinking about how to replace it. The bed has been mulched with our compost so the spring bulbs will just have to push through this.

17_01_30_4714To the right of the pond there are two roses against the wall Rosa Alister Stella Grey and Rosa Crown Princess Margareta. There is not really enough space here for them but with a bit of help they have been squeezed in. Eventually Alister Stella Grey will grow to the top of the wall.17_01_30_4715Looking back to the pergola the roses Rosa Gloire de Dijon and Rosa Souvenir de la Malmaison growing up the pergola legs have been pruned and generally tidied up. The plastic sheet on the right is where we have a small peach tree and it is to prevent peach leaf curl. It will be covered until May. On the right the roses have yet to be sorted out although they do not look too bad.17_01_30_4716 This is a shot taken in a direction I have often shown:16_09_28_3505It is hard to believe this is the same border!17_01_30_4717Another piece of pruning that has been done can be seen here. The Pyracantha Orange Glow is in the process of being trained horizontally. It is straight forward to do but just takes time. There are three Rosa Jacques Cartier in front of the Pyracantha so later in the year it is not very visible but right now it looks great.

Do have a look at Helen The Patient Gardener’s blog where you fill find links to other gardens at the end of January. Thank you to Helen for hosting this meme.

The weather continues to be foggy and damp restricting the time in the garden. Main activity continues to be cleaning up dead herbaceous leaves etc.

Gardening Hours
This week Total since June 19th Average per week
12 550 17

17 thoughts on “End of the Month View – January 2017

  1. So different gardening here on Whangaparoa Peninsula just north of Auckland, NZ. More sub tropical gardens that are green all year and not that many deciduous trees. I have lots of pots as a mature garden that has weedmat – a nightmare to get up and then the root systems of the trees and palms gobble all the hard work I put in laying dozens of bags of coffee grounds and lawn cuttings. I have lots of bromillards which don’t mind pots. I love bulbs so mostly in pots also altho’ didn’t flower well last year so need repotting and splitting up – too crowded. Your type of garden more in the South Island where seasons change llike Britain.

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  2. Thanks. I have traveled around NZ both North and South island and I know exactly what you mean. I guess where ever you garden there are different challenges. Fortunately, overall England does not present too many!


    • Part of the reason for doing the blog was to keep a track of gardening hours. Actually my wife also gardens so if we are both in the garden the hours soon build up. Nertheless at 17 a week that is certainly more than expected. However, it is our main hobby so who cares how many hours we spend. What is hard to understand is how we ever managed the garden when we both worked! At some point this year I shall do a more extensive analysis of the hours in a blog. What has surprised me most is that the hours we do is more or less constant through the year.


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