Signs of Spring

17_01_27_4696Everywhere there are signs that spring is on its way. Snowdrops are beginning to come through all over the garden. The Hakonechloa macra (above) has been cut back to make way for the spring bulbs; snowdrops, crocus and Anemone Nemerosa. Elsewhere the new growth is emerging.

Spring always arrives before we have done all those nagging jobs. The last week the weather has been against us. Either wet or bitterly cold. Nevertheless we did mange 18 hours in the garden; removing dead foliage, pruning roses on the walls and generally tiding things up.

Gardening Hours
This week Total since June 19th Average per week
18 538 17

17 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Your winter work is evident…such a handsome bed with just balls and ribbons and the tips of bulbs pushing through. The Japanese forest grass doesn’t grow well here, but we can use Carex oshimensis as a substitute. ‘Everillo’ from Ireland’s Pat Fitzgerald is a powerhouse in my shady garden, but its color is better with a touch of sun.

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  2. I ventured out for the first time in a while today and was cheered to see so many snowdrops and daffodils coming up, witch hazels in bloom and hellebores budding. The weather has been against me too but perhaps something of a respite, from the cold at least, coming up? I hope so.

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  3. We had our spring days last week, this week the temperatures are decidedly winter-like and it is a rude awakening to be out in the garden with a cold wind blowing.
    Hakonechloa is a good match for spring bulbs. I may have to spread mine around some more this spring in a few of my more troublesome spots. Thanks!

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  4. You might be looking forward to spring – but thank you very much we are not looking forward to Autumn!!! we have had a cool summer with lots of cool and quite strong sw winds (being other side of world sw are the cool winds) lots of cloudy days and rarely over 24/25c degrees! I ususally only have a sheet on at night from Nov but not this year. BUT we have had FIVE days in a row of real summer and today 28c degrees and pool 29/30c – YEA SUMMER! Weather report looks as tho’ more to come! As a maratime country weather seems to be weather and unexpected storms, droughts etc! But such a beautiful country have to put up with it!. Look forward to seeing your bulb photos!

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    • Thanks you for visiting my post. Living in England we are lucky to get temperatures over 20c even in the summer! This winter has been very foggy (which is unusual) so we have had very dark days and the thought of spring really raises the heart.


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