The regeneration of a significant walled garden

This week we went to Norwich to see the Giacometti exhibition “A Line Through Time” at the Sainsbury Centre. Absolutely stunning but that’s another story. As we were staying overnight near Norwich we decided to visit Blickling Hall and Gardens. The absolute star there was the walled garden.

In early 2015 it was just grass. Then a project was started to regenerate the walled garden to achieve a productive garden that is able to supply the Blickling Estate cafe.


Blickling Walled Garden project beginning

And now just 18 months later it is being realised.

A stunning achievement and Mike, the project manager, and his team need to be congratulated on their achievement.DSC01260

Clematis of the week


Clematis Margaret Hunt

Clematis Margaret Hunt is a strong-growing vine that has large star-shaped, dusty pink (with hints of lavender) flowers in mid to late summer. Its pinnate leaves are pale green.

Sweet Peas

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Last year “The English Garden” magazine included a free packet of Sweet Pea seeds. These were planted in October in the cold greenhouse and planted out in March this year. They have been enormously successful and have been flowering for many weeks now. The bad news is that I have no idea what variety they were so it will be hard to repeat this success next year!

Gardening at Glebe House Garden was very much dependent on the weather this week with frequent showers of rain ensuring it was not always possible to use an electric hedge cutter.  However, one of the boundary hedges was cut and the cuttings shredded ready for adding to the compost heap. More progress on the cobbles was made and another crop of milkweed around the roses removed. Such a hard weed to eliminate!

Gardening hours
This week Since June 19th
30 102

6 thoughts on “The regeneration of a significant walled garden

  1. I confess to being a little bit envious… Not only did you get to see a Giacometti exhibit, but you also got to see a wonderful restoration! What a giant undertaking – glad to see it happening! Usually, it is the other way around, it seems…

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