Unexpected garden watering!

The last week has been very busy preparing for our open garden event in one week. You can imagine my surprise and shock when I came out of the house to hear a very strange sound coming from our large pond. On close inspection I discovered that the hose to the water fall and rill had separated and the pond had emptied overnight on to the garden.18_06_08_8746Fortunately I had put the pump on a concrete block so that the pump had not totally drained the pond and the fish were safe.18_06_08_8747Exactly where all this water went I have no idea but I will not need to water this part of the garden for some time. To give you an idea of the amount of water I have been refilling it with a garden hose turned full on. I estimate it will take up to sixteen hours to replenish the water.17_05_23_5810So just one more thing to sort out for our open day!

2018 Gardening Hours
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At last, progress on the pond!

DSC01280A previous blog described the problems we have been having with one of our ponds that had developed a leak. This was back in August and ever since then we have been trying to get it fixed.16_08_10_3163Having removed the liner the base of the pond was dug out further ready for a concrete base. 16_10_09_3558The next stage was to get the sides and base to dry out ready for fiber-glassing.  This meant we have had to put plastic sheeting over the pond.

If you look at the above pictures you can see that we have taken the opportunity of this disruption to revive the bed beyond the pond. The very large rose in the centre of that bed is Rosa omeiensis  pteracantha. This wild rose has very wide, decorative, reddish prickles that sit on a long base on the young shoots. It is therefore also known as barbed wire rose. The flowers are typical “wild rose” type and always flower early in spring.rosa-omeiensisThe rose does get huge and we decided to cut it down to the ground and let it shoot up again. Within a couple of weeks it was vigorously shooting.16_08_09_3161Meanwhile the water lily plants from the pond have been sitting on some spare ground.16_10_09_3559New planting cages were obtained together with aquatic compost to plant up the water lilies. We then just waited wand waited for the fiber-glassing company to arrive. Then at last they came last Saturday and what a change they made.16_11_02_3620Fiber-glassing is an excellent way to water proof a pond. There is no untidy liner to worry and leaks (if they occur) can easily be repaired.16_11_02_3619

Connections for the pump and electrics can also be done through the side of the pond which gives a much more tidy solution compared with a liner.16_11_03_3623The pump has been connected up and will supply a water feature which empties into the rill. The various terracotta chimney pots are just to provide some shelter for any fish and the stack of blocks in the corner is a shelf for marginal plants. 16_11_05_3626And then at last the pond was filled!16_11_05_3631The water lilies were planted up in the new plant cages16_11_05_3630and placed in the pond. There are basically to varieties, a red and a white one. They are both quite vigorous and are suitable for a pond of this size. So we now need to sort out the marginals and also finalise the water feature to restore the pond to it former glory:2010_20100621_434

This week we have also had the first frosts of winter. Looking again at the dahlias,

see what the frost has done. However, I will not feel so bad about digging them up now!

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