Hedges, Hedges, Hedges………

Once again it has been very dry and everything is beginning to look very crisp. However, although it’s later than normal,  I have finally got around to cutting hedges; the boundary hedge and the box hedging.

16_08_01_2961A mixed hedge along the boundary which we put in some years ago to reduce the wind coming across the field. There is a large shrub and flower border along the hedge and in order to make hedge cutting easier and to enable the border to be maintained from the back we have narrow gravel paths between the back of the border and the hedge.

We have utilised box hedging in a number of ways.16_08_04_2973 Here the hedge lines the main entrance to the garden and leads the eye into the main event.16_08_04_2974Around a small lawn in Ivy’s bed, (and that yew hedge needs cutting next week).16_08_04_2975Between the gravel and the border in the Italianate area, a more formal part of the garden.16_08_04_2977Edging the base under the pergola although at this time of year it almost disappears under the plants!16_08_04_2976In the Japanese bed together with clipped yew balls and Hakonechloa macra. 14_07_16_2885All the hedge cuttings are shredded and are mixed with lawn cuttings and added to the compost heap.

Clematis of the week


Clematis viticella ‘Alba Luxurians’

Clematis viticella ‘Alba Luxurians’ is a large deciduous climber with pinnate mid-green leaves tinged grey. White flowers marked and tipped green and often tinged with pale violet to 7.5cm in width have purple-black stamens. Flowers midsummer to early autumn.

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Lets hope for a bit of rain next week.