Art and Alliums


Back home after a week and a half away and it is not looking too bad. However, there is work to be done. The lawn never stops growing and needed a good cut.


It is not looking too bad although speedwell continues to be the main weed which is very hard to eliminate. Any suggestions?

We had arranged for the Hoby Art Group to spend some time in the garden. 13641192_10154394986859575_7592941501705427053_o

Looking at the yew hedge in the centre I can see some more work required!

Clematis of the week:


Clematis Viola making a fantastic display and this plant is only three years old!

_MG_1313 Alliums can look fantastic. Here typical mixtures of Alliums with Rosa ‘Shot Silk’ on the wall.  07_07_16_2784The issue in our garden is that they love to self seed so although the seed heads can look great we have to remove them before they seed.07_07_16_2786

It has rained on several days so not so much time in the garden!

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Wild Swan

Following the Hoby Gardens Open weekend there has been little to do in the garden. One advantage of open days is that everything in the garden has to be perfect, not a weed in sight! For the next few weeks the garden requires much less attention and gives us time for other developments.

Anemone 'Wild Swan'

Anemone ‘Wild Swan’

Have spent some time sorting out some small plants. Anemone ‘Wild Swan’ was one of the plants of the year 2011 at the Chelsea Flower and it is a great plant for light shade. I have brought 25 this year from  JustMust21_06_16_2717

21_06_16_2718They are not ready to be planted out yet but the plan is to follow the line of Brunnera ‘Mr Morse’ across the bed.

As always the grass continues to grow so 2.5 hour cutting grass!

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