End of the Month View – May 2018

18_05_31_8669The weather this spring has meant everything is a bit late. Further more once things came out they seem to go over very quickly. This time last month the tulips were bursting out but now they have all gone. However, they looked fantastic for a couple of weeks. Likewise the alliums seem to be going over quickly and now at the end of May the roses are looking great. Interestingly the above average rain we have had has resulted in many of the flowing shrubs putting on great displays and the lawn has never looked greener.To the left of the pond the main rose is Rosa ‘Shot Silk’. It does not repeat well but is usually the first rose in the main part of the garden to flower. 18_05_31_8677The rose that normally has the accolade of being first is Rosa ‘Madame Gregoire Staechlin’ which is also out at this moment. Again not a repeat flower but gorgeous never the less.18_05_31_8662To the right of the pond is Rosa ‘Alister Stella Grey’ and Rosa ‘Crown Princess Margareta’Rosa ‘Alister Stella Grey’ is a fantastic rose, flowering through the summer into Autumn Rosa ‘Crown Princess Margareta’ has the most beautiful peach coloured flowers.18_05_31_8671Else where next the the big pond is another beauty, Rosa ‘Fantan Latour’.18_05_31_8672Not really a climber but no one told it! It had covered the whole of this wall although the flowers tended to be near the top so we cut it back very hard to just above the Choisya ternata and it has returned a great display.18_05_31_8659To the right of the main garden behind the urn is another favorite,  Rosa ‘Alchemist’. Well named as the flowers start of gold a slowly change to cream.18_05_31_8670Another view towards Rosa ‘Alchemist’ with Aruncus dioicus is the middle ground.18_05_31_8678Not all the roses are climbers. Until last year we thought these were  Rosa ‘Irene Watts’ and as a result of my blog there was an extensive conversation which resulted in us finding out that they are in fact Rosa Pink Gruss an Aachen. Apparently many rose nurseries have been incorrectly supplying Rosa Pink Gruss an Aachen as Rosa ‘Irene Watts’. What ever the name they are great roses.18_05_31_8679Near by by the back door we planted Lonicera periclymenum ‘Scentsation’ to give off a scent as we step out of the house. It is great to see it coming into its own.


In two weeks the garden is open to the public. See advert in the side bar. There is still lots to do including getting many dahlias planted.


The wall across the lawn has been looking good and is just about ready. Maybe a final weed is required.18_05_31_8660I am sure Allium Christophii are planning to take over this part of the garden!18_05_18_8656Two different globe Alliums always put on a good show under the pleached lime hedge. However, you can see the effect of the winter on the lavender where several plants have died! In addition to these losses we have also lost some salvias and a Euphorbia ‘Mellifera’.18_05_31_8665The border to the right with the  Allium Christophii  and some very large Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’.18_05_31_8661Looking closer you can see Rosa ‘Mutabilis’ starting to flower.18_05_31_8676The Clematis ‘Jackmanii’ looking great climbing into Rosa ‘Sombreuil’18_05_31_8667The border to the left of the main lawn was planted up with grasses etc last year and is beginning to develop although we need to do plenty of weeding here.18_05_31_8668On the edge of this bed Geranium ‘Patricia’ and Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ provide a great mix of colour.

2018 Gardening Hours
Week beginning May 26th Total 2018 to-date Average per week
35 324 15

Do have a look at Helen The Patient Gardener’s blog where you fill find links to other gardens at the end of April. Thank you to Helen for hosting this meme.


16 thoughts on “End of the Month View – May 2018

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen your garden looking better. Everyone who comes to visit your garden is in for a real treat. The Alliums are superb; with all the spring rain here this year, mine have done surprisingly well.

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  2. Your garden is looking gorgeous. All those roses! Must smell as good as it looks. Wish I lived closer as I would love to visit. Hope it all goes well and the weather behaves for you on the day.

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  3. I am always amazed at your expansive garden and its floral plants. You are an ardent gardener who is passionate about nature’s beauty. Hard work but looking at your beautiful garden it is worth every hour spent👍😀

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  4. That honeysuckle is really interesting because it looks like Japanese honeysuckle, but also looks less aggressive. It does not have those long vines that are so curious to grab onto anything within their long reach. We have very few honeysuckle to choose from here. Almost all of it is Japanese honeysuckle, which happens to be my favorite so far because of the fragrance. The Burmese honeysuckle is a silly waste of space. I will be growing red honeysuckle for the first time this year, which I am pleased about, but disappointed by the lack of fragrance. I just wrote about a honeysuckle that I brought back from Oklahoma that I really like, but again, it is not very fragrant.

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    • Hi Tony. We have other honeysuckle in the garden but I do not know the variety. We brought this one a couple of years ago with the fragrance in mind. I do prune it each year to get a more bushy shape.

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      • The fragrant honeysuckles are really nice. I do not understand the allure of those that lack fragrance. It is not as if they are all that pretty without the fragrance.


    • Hi Ali, The globe alliums have a habit of spreading and originally we found Allium Christophii less prone to spread but as you can see this is also spreading. However, they are great flowers so I just have to dig up the ones that have spread!


  5. Your garden looks ready for the tour now. We all have those places that we would rather now look at. ha.. I am sure you will get all ship shape in time for the tour. I have Scentsations honeysuckle too. I love the smell. Your roses are fabulous. This winter was so severe it killed my one good climber back to the ground. I was thinking about taking it out and planting a more fragrant rose where it was growing. We went away for a week, when we returned there was a bud atop a stem at least 3 feet tall. I don’t think I have the heart to take it out now that it has shown it will recover.

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    • Hi, actually I have been a bad gardener this year and have not fed the roses yet! Normally they do get a rose feed once or twice a year but I guess one once this year.


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