End of Month View – December 2017

The end of the month and the end of the year!  Happy New Year and good gardening in 2018.

I have not been able to get into the garden much during the last few weeks. Much of “putting the garden to bed” for the winter was done in November so I will use this opportunity to look back over the year.

Click on the small images to see them full size.


17_01_30_4716Many of the beds look exactly as they were following the winter clean up. However, there are signs of spring to be seen.


17_02_24_4992February brought a storm which removed a branch from an old apple tree. I was undecided as to whether to keep the reduced tree or to start again.  So far we have keep it.

Elsewhere snowdrops are filling many of the beds


17_03_01_5017The arrival of lambs in the field beyond our garden is always one of those events to make you smile.

Spring flowers are everywhere now.


17_04_07_5243The garden is beginning to glow with tulips, blossom and the first roses.



Roses really start to come out now. And everywhere flowers of every kind are looking great.


17_06_14_6204All the borders are filling out. The pond that was finally repaired is also looking as it should and the water lilies that spent almost a year out of the water have survived!


17_07_12_6694Herbaceous plants are taking control of the borders now. The alliums are still there but the herbaceous plants are the stars now.


17_08_25_6891In January these beds looked empty. Now the flowers are up to six feet high in just a few months.


17_09_27_7307Borders are now “more” than full. Staking the plants is the biggest issue to prevent them falling on each other.


17_09_29_7312Autumn is on its way but around the garden there are still plenty of flowers.


17_10_30_7446The first frost of the year. the dahlias do not like it but some of the roses continue to flower. Now is the time to take the climbing roses off the wall for pruning and tying in their new growth for next year.


The borders have all been cleared ready for another spring in November. We have escaped to the sun. The garden has been told to look after itself!

2017 Gardening Hours
Week beginning December 23rd Total 2017 to-date Average per week
0 1004 19

An average of 19 hours a week and by week we have:2017-hours

I hope these pictures have wet your appetite for the new gardening year. Looking forward to 2018 and a Happy New Year to you all.

If you would like to join in with this meme you are very welcome – add a link to your post in the comments box and please link to this post from your blog so readers can find other EoMV posts. There are no rules about what you post. Maybe you want to focus on one area through the year or give a general tour, whatever suits you is fine with me.

26 thoughts on “End of Month View – December 2017

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  4. I have really enjoyed your Year review. So much colour and cheer. I’m sitting up in bed reading your blog. I’ve got the flu and it’s really knocked me off my feet. But I can still sit here propped up on pillows and cuddling the cat, sipping lemon honey water and reading. Here’s my contribution, with very few words. Thanks for hosting the meme. Happy new Year to you and your family. Love karen x https://bramblegarden.com/2017/12/31/end-of-month-view-december-2017/

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  5. Hours in the garden. Now that tells me why your garden is so gorgeous. I feel like I spend this amount in my garden but it doesn’t look quite as nice. No, not really. I don’t know how many hours I am in the garden. I know it is enough that the neighbor that lives behind my garden says she feels guilty because I am always out there. An exaggeration for sure. i am a horrible record keeper even though I keep two garden journals. ha… Maybe I will try to do hours this year. I would find it interesting to know.

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    • Happy New Year Lisa. Actually my neighbour also claims I am never in the garden but as you can see we do 20 hours each week. I have to say my hours are estimates that I do each week but I guess they are approximately correct but they do not include the time spent siting in the garden drinking wine etc


  6. Lovely garden In my imagination of English Gardens yours to me is a beautiful English garden. Can it be ona my Bucket List if I win lotto? So loe to just mender asound back roads and lanes and enjoy English Gardens.22 years ago ai managed to see abouat 10 around Kent and Sussex and have wanted to do this again.Driving on the lefat hand side of the road makes it easier ffor us to drive around the country lanes thn Europe who dive on the wrong sidae of the road .Thank you for your lovely colaumns and photos.

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