Disaster update and cobbles complete

The leaking pond

In a previous blog I mentioned that the one of our ponds had developed a leak! The pond was built about 19 years ago so I expected a fair amount of silt.16_08_08_3150 “Do I really have to get into this?”16_08_08_3153“Who planting all these waterlilies?”16_08_08_3155“That’s better we can actually see some water now”DSC01280“OK, where did you say the fish were?”16_08_08_3157“That silt will be a great mulch for the garden”16_08_09_3161Temporary store for the water lilies which will need to be watered frequently.16_08_09_3160And we found some treasure! Having dug down six inches below the liner and previous pond floor level we found a midden of old bottles, perfume, drink medicine etc.

We did manage to catch a number of fish, newts and frogs and they now have a new home in one of our other ponds. So the next stage will be to put the pond back together, a subject for a later blog.

The contractor doing this work is David Greaves


At last I can announce that the moss from between the cobbles has been removed. See Yew balls,cobbles and creepers16_08_26_3309As you can see it is quite a large area and Diane has spent at least 30 hours doing it by hand!DSC01281The  tools for the job. She tells me it will need doing again in 10 years. Quite a job!

Autumn in the garden

It continues to be dry and hot which has resulted in autumn coming early to parts of the garden. Some of this has been removed together with the errant weeds although we do like to leave some of the seed heads for the birds.16_08_18_3245

Gardening Hours
This week Total since June 19th Average per week
12 171 17

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